Founded on the premise of deep inspiration and tenet to achieve distinction in all her dealings, DRC Options is a full-service provider in the area of total interior design and security gadget installations serving companies and individuals nationwide. As leader in intelligent workplace design, DRC Options help clients in diverse markets worldwide articulate and align their business strategies and core values with the dynamic use of space. We have a reputation for genuine concern for the finished product, as well as dealing honestly and fairly in all aspects of business. We design spaces where tomorrow’s ambitions are realized, offering architecture, planning, and design solutions to leading institutional and corporate clients.


In our practice, we understand the power of design as a catalyst for change, and celebrate the diversity of thought, culture, education, and experience that spans all levels of our practice. Our strength as a firm rests in this diversity, bound by a shared commitment and a passion for our work.

We draw inspiration from one another as we work together, with a collective spark and a sense of the possible. We are a diverse community with a pluralism that makes room for diverse thinking. We work together in open and flexible studios, inspiring and challenging one another. What makes us unique is our capacity to treat our clients fairly, providing them with a quality, cheerful, and friendly service.

Brand Values

A commitment to, and justifiable pride in, the quality of our products and services and the value they provide to our clients.
A commitment to uncompromising delivery of personalized service.
A Strong sense of loyalty to building and refining our products and services based on the conviction that they deserve the interest of our clients.
A strong sense of business independence, taking pride in charting our own course, taking risks, extending our frontiers rather than following the crowd.


Our mission is why we design. Our people are why we succeed. We value our passion for design excellence, commitment to a culture of inquiry and a tradition of innovation. DRC Options interior Designers and Furniture is where we inspire to create world –class homes, offices, schools, Hotels, and individual clients by providing Excellent, Exquisite, Exclusive and Exceptional services considering our clients judgment, hobbies and desired goals.


To become first five Africa’s leading Interior Designers and decorators